October 26, 2005

Ada Choi: Goals, Desires, Satisfaction

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Each person has their own desires and goals in life. Like any other ordinary person, Ada Choi hopes to travel to many places such as the holy city of Jerusalem, since she is a Christian. In the upcoming months, Ada will most likely have the chance to fulfill this desire of hers. Ada plans to travel with some of her friends for a few weeks, resting from filming. Furthermore, Ada talks about her beliefs and experiences of her faith in God.

While recent reports bringing up last year’s controversial “Best Actress” contenders Sheren Tang and Gigi Lai. In addition, Sheren was the “hot favorite” last year, but at the end, losing out to co-star Gigi. As for Ada, she has been filming in the mainland this year, and did not have any series released for TVB, thus Ada does not have any nominations at this year’s TVB Anniversary.

Ada will be busy with work in the mainland and will not participate at this year’s TVB Anniversary awards ceremony. When mentioned about Liza Wang and Kenix Kwok having the highest chance of winning “Best Actress,” Ada says, “I’ve heard many people talking about Liza’s performance this year and that she has the highest chance of winning. Indeed, I do feel that Liza is a wonderful actress, but I also feel that Kenix is another great actress and has chances to win this year’s “Best Actress” award.”

In addition, Ada says that after last year’s experiences, she knows that even the “hot favorites” might not win the award. Ada says that last year, her series “To Catch the Uncatchable” was one of the series to receive the highest ratings, and many people said that Ada had the highest chance of winning “Best Actress.” Even though Ada did not win the award for “Best Actress” last year, Ada says that she is already more than satisfied because of the fans support and the compliments from the audience.

Furthermore, Ada believes in goal setting and feels that each person should have goals. Ada says that she does not want to set goals that are too hard to accomplish, but smaller and simple goals makes her feel joyful. Ada says, “This year, I have filmed three series, totalling 90 episodes and I feel satisfied to have the opportunity to work.”


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