October 25, 2005

Jay shoot MV at cemetery

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Jay’s sixth album’ November’s Chopin’ will be release soon. While the hit song, ‘ Ye Qu’ was completed earlier in last year November. And Jay even spent some time while having concert in New York to shoot his MV. The scenery of the MV shooting process was located at the cemetery of New York City.

Hu Gua said this is the first time Jay nominated in the Golden Horse Film Award. and coincidently Patty is the host for the award.’ Even win lotery also can’t be so accurate! If he did win, then they must kiss.’ Regarding Patty’s performance on the award, Hu Gua said it confidently: ‘ She sure can! I believe she can perform naturally. ‘ Patty invited him to walk red carpet together, Hu Gua refused to do so and said :’ You have to accompanied Jay! My family don’t have any one nominated also. ‘

For the first time collaborate with Patty, Hu Gua was not afraid having rumous spread around them. And he laughed :’ Jay don’t think too much, i am old! ‘ Hu Gua said he had met Jay in Pan Yang before, he describe: ‘ That time i saw lots of foreign bodyguard, i though it was some foreign artist. But when i looked, it was Jay.’ Hu Gua kept mentioned about Jay, this only made Patty felt embarrassed and laughed.


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