October 25, 2005

Jay Chou’s love sparks controversy

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 Many people in the pop music circle expressed their dissatisfaction about Jay Chou’s denial of his earlier love with another Taiwan pop queen Jolin Cai.

    “As a real man, he should be responsible for everything, instead of just denying it to escape it,? said Tana Ding. Some of his close friends say they have nothing to comment on Jay’s privacy.

    Jay Chou’s pressure also comes from Patty Hou’s mother who does not show any liking for the young pop star. As the only girl in her family, Hou has a very intimate relationship with her mother and even shares secret words with her. Her mother has moved away from Taipei to escape entertainment reporters and never made any comment on Chou.

    How to face the fans is a big headache haunting Chou. He never have imagined that news of his love would arouse a heated response online. Furious resentment from Jolin Cai’s fans flooded Internet chat rooms, blaming Chou for betraying their idol. Even the responses from Chou’s fans were quite divided over the new affair.

    Some insiders are afraid this year Jay Chou will have to spend too much time dealing with scandals instead of his music career. Chou’s fans are also worried their idol’s future development will be affected by the love affair. Top management at his record company, Alfa Music International Incorporation, has been heard discussing moves to diminish the impact of any negative news about him.

    In March, Patty Hou will release her new book, Pattys about Love. In it, Hou gives her own interpretation of love, which embraces more extensive meanings such as the love between friends and family members. People suppose the recent disclosure about her love affair may just be a warm-up promotion for her book.


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