October 30, 2005

Kilmer Blasts Hilton

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HOLLYWOOD – Hollywood hunk Val Kilmer has criticized the media fascination with Paris Hilton, because he believes the socialite is “famous for nothing.?

The hotel heiress found international fame in late 2003 after a sex tape featuring her and ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked onto the internet and has since starred in reality TV show The Simple Life, enjoyed roles in Hollywood movies, written a book and released a fragrance.

Kilmer tells British gay magazine Attitude, “It seems like it’s (the notion of celebrity) more extreme than ever now. If you don’t look a certain way, or you’re not on the front cover all of the time, then you’re no one.

“Paris Hilton is a great example. She’s famous for nothing. It’s what we are celebrating in my country–the nothingness of her fame.

“She’s fine with it of course–she made $100 million last year.” Despite Kilmer’s distaste for Hilton, she had a brief role in his 2003 film Wonderland.



Jacko may sack Neverland to pay off his debts

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London: Michael Jackson is reportedly planning to put his 2,700 acre Neverland Ranch in California on the market to pay his mounting debts, thereby giving more credence to latest rumours that his residency in the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain is more likely than not to become permanent.

The self-exiled pop star is in a financial crunch with staff not being paid on time and owes some 150 million dollars in loans, reports The Mirror.

“Everyone is p***ed. It was one thing when it happened during the trial but now is a different story,? the paper quoted a source as saying.

The singer went to Bahrain after he was acquitted of child molestation in June and reportedly has no plans to return to the United States.

Jackson’s spokesman had earlier in the week confirmed that he was planning to Bahrain his permanent residence due to the huge amount of support he had received from the local residents, and the fact that he had made many new friends during his stay.


Spiteful fans call 2R ugly

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Spiteful fans call 2R ugly

2R who has not been working in Hong Kong for approximately half a year, has come back to Hong Kong after finishing work on their movies and series. Older sister, Rosanne said that popularity has decreased while Race said, “We don’t have fate with the awards at the end of the year. We hope to do better next year!?

On Friday, 2R were guests at Taiwanese band, South Fist Mother’s (?拳媽媽) mini concert. The Taiwanese band’s fans were spiteful and said that the band’s female singer, Lara was way prettier than 2R and that 2R were not pretty. The band had to calm their fans down by shaking hands with the fans.

Hins Cheung was bullied when he was young

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Yesterday Hins Cheung and Kathy Chow attended a running competition. Hins and Kathy were only guests there and were not competitors who were running up stairs. Due to the fact that organisers were going to present a best costume award, Hins and Kathy were surrounded by many weirdly dressed people. One of the teams used ‘Jewel in the Palace’ for their costume theme.

Hins said that when he began singing, he would run up and down stairs to practice breathing. The most steps of stairs Hins has ran is 1100. Many of Hins’ fans competed in this competition. Hins was bullied and teased by people when he was young and was called weak guy (孱仔) because he had asthma and had to take medication.

Kathy rarely runs up and down the stairs because she is not fit enough. When she saw the people who were wearing ‘Jewel in the Palace’ costumes she thought it was really funny. She was afraid for them that their hair will fall out before they finish they race. When asked about her younger sister, Niki Chow’s rumours with Ron Ng, Kathy says she does not read those articles and will not comment either.

Paris Hilton is a pro at downing Jack Daniel’s!

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London: Sexy actress Elisha Cuthbert has claimed that she struggled to keep up with famous socialite, Paris Hilton’s hard-drinking in Australia, when they made House Of Wax.

The blonde actress has revealed that she got the hotel heiress to swap her turquoise drink for whisky when both of them went head-to-head to see who could down more shots without staggering.

“We went out once or twice to go head-to-head on the shots. I can drink, I can hold my liquor, but I think she beat me,? The Sun quoted the 24-year-old as telling Glamour magazine.

“I like a Jack Daniel’s which I turned Paris on to. Before, she was drinking some turquoise thing. I said: ‘Girl, if you’re gonna drink, let’s do the whisky,’? she added.


Clooney is still searching for his “Ms Perfect!”

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London: If good looks and money could have bought love, then actor George Clooney may have had plenty of it, but despite having women drooling all over him, true love still evades the handsome star.

Even though the 44-year-old actor is considered a very good marriage and a parent material, his search for the right woman still continues.

“I haven’t lost hope. My friends Angelina Jolie and Brad are very much in love. Maybe it’s time for me to find the woman of my life, too,? The Mirror quoted one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor as saying.

“I realise I am the last person who can judge my tastes – I have failed badly with woman,? he added.


Bruce Willis has a crush on Halle Berry!

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Washington: Hollywood actor Bruce Willis has reportedly admitted that he has got a “little crush? on his former neighbour and moviestar Halle Berry.

“I do have a little crush on Halle,? Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

The ex-husband of Demi Moore, confessing his attraction for the Oscar winning actress, has however claimed that, when the pair used to be neighbours, it was Halle who made the first move by bringing him the script for the thriller “Perfect Stranger,? which he happily accepted.

“She knocked on the door and said, ‘I’d like you to take a look at this,’ and I’m doing it,? said the actor.

But, while Willis is excited about working together with his new love in the upcoming movie, he’s unsure if the actress also harbours same feelings for him.

“Never say never, but moving away didn’t help our romance, that’s for sure!? said Willis.


Orlando Bloom loves looking under girls’ skirts!

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Washington: British actor Orlando Bloom has revealed to have developed a liking for the opposite sex at an early age, when he satisfied his young sexual urges by looking up little girls’ school skirts.

However, though the “Lord Of The Rings? star, who is currently dating Kate Bosworth, enjoyed seeing what was underneath, he also got spanked sometimes for his misdemeanours.

“When I was about eight or nine, I was lifting up girls’ skirts. I thought it was quite fun, but I was young. I remember because (I got spanked),? Contactmusic quoted him as saying.


Brandy breaks engagement, changes tattoo

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LOS ANGELES: Singer-actress Brandy has ended her 15-month engagement with NBA star Quentin Richardson and transformed her tattoo of him into a cat.

The New York Knicks player presented the 26-year-old single mom with a $1 million engagement ring last July, the World Entertainment News Network noted. But the couple split last month and since then, Brandy has undergone the painful process of having her back tattoo changed into a cat, WENN said.

Brandy was married for two years to producer Robert Smith, the father of Sy’rai, 3.

Smith last year revealed they never really married, it was just a cover to protect her reputation when she became pregnant. Brandy called the arrangement “a non-traditional marriage,” but said they had a commitment and spiritual union.


Britney douses hubby’s pop star dreams!

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London: Kevin Federline’s efforts to launch a pop career have reportedly been “greeted with hurtful laughter from his superstar wife, Britney Spears,? who has advised him not not to build up his hopes in the field of singing.

Spears was reportedly highly unimpressed after listening to her husband’s first recordings, which he had brought home to play for his wife, and gave him harsh advice of not taking it up as a career.

“His efforts were greeted with hurtful laughter from his superstar wife, who was unimpressed. She said his debut CD might sell ‘a hundred, maybe a thousand’ copies if he was lucky. Kevin looked really hurt, “ Femalefirst quoted a close friend as telling In Touch magazine.

Meanwhile, Britney is said to be upset that Kevin is not spending enough time helping her with their baby son, Sean Preston, because of which their marriage is also rumored of going through some patches.

According to insiders, Spears was particularly annoyed when she was busy changing their infant son’s diapers, while Federline reportedly spent two hours getting his hair braided.


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